Dhaal Atoll Education Centre (Dh.AEC), Opened on 24th March 1984, is the leading school in the atoll established by Ministry of Education, Republic of Maldives. Existing on a expanse of 85,000 sq.ft. land it serves more than 700 students, from kindergarten through Higher secondary(K-12).

Over Vision

To be a well known and ideal school that provides holistic education in line with the principles of Islam and Maldivian identity.

Over Mission

To cause of holistic development and academic excellence of students by imparting knowledge, skills and attitude to prepare responsible and productive citizens required for a Muslim society.


Our Philosophy ‘Every pupil matters’

We want to nurture each pupil to become a: Confident Person, Active Contributor, Self-directed Learner and Concerned Citizen. Aside from the knowledge from the disciplines, each child will be equipped with skills, competencies, dispositions to help him/her meet life’s challenges successfully.

Our pupils

Are of sound character and imbibed with right values, love our country and are willing to lead and serve the community, are engaged learners who are future-ready, Have healthy habits and an appreciation of the arts.